disposable tabletop reimagined

shop plastic dinnerware + designer partyware + mix and match

round + elegant + solid +plastic

upscale your table scape with our high end disposable round solid collection. gold or silver accents all to and elevated touch. over 25 colors to choose from. let your creativity shine.

designer + luxury + disposable

elevate your table with with some designer looking plastic tableware.

sophisticated + stylish + one time use

square dinnerware adds a sophisticated and modern look to any table scape. mix and match with another solid color or patterned plate to impress any one.

upscale + aristocratic + elegant

unique patterns that will add spice to any occasion needing something different.

expressive + classic + vintage + plastic

an old style look that has remained ageless. create a vintage look that will impress anyone. over 7 different colors to choose from.

drinkware + designer + disposable

our collection of drinkware is an upscale take on disposable drinkware. checkout of multi color collection to inspired.

original + two toned + heavy weight + plastic

shop our original heavyweight two tone cutlery. with over 20 plus colors to choose from. they wont believe it plastic. matching serving pieces and miniatures are available too.

expression + colorful + you

the rainbow is at your disposable, stylize any event with your own flare.