Letter Y Gold Monogram Paper Disposable Dinner Napkins | 14 Napkins

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14 solid Extra Soft dinner napkins per package.

4.25" x 7.75" napkin, 12.75" x 15.5" when open.

Air Laid material offers convenience, absorbent and durability.

Printed in Germany using non-toxic, water soluble dyes.

Letter Y Gold Monogram Paper Disposable Napkins

Introducing Luxe Party's Letter Y Gold Monogram Paper Disposable Napkins, the perfect choice for adding a personalized and elegant touch to your special occasions.

Product Details

  • Design: Letter Y Gold Monogram
  • Material: High-Quality Air Laid Paper
  • Color: Gold and White


  • Exquisite monogram design for a personalized touch
  • Soft and absorbent paper napkins for comfort
  • Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and formal events
  • Disposable for easy cleanup

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Elevate your event with our Letter Y Gold Monogram Paper Disposable Napkins. Shop now and make your celebrations memorable with these premium disposable napkins. Luxe Party is your source for high-quality party supplies.

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